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View: R2 Racing - German Italian Car Experts!
R2 Racing - German Italian Car Experts!
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Category: Services
R2 Racing's mission is to bring the finest automotive service home to The Santa Clarita Valley. Against the grain of today's impersonal, profit-driven automotive industry, we have worked to bring back the neighborhood shop you feel great bringing your car to for both top-end professional work, and friendly, trustworthy mechanics who are as passionate about their work as you are about your vehicle. With customer satisfaction as our number one aim, we proudly provide 'Dealership Quality Work at Neighborhood Shop Prices.' 
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Video Title: R2 Racing - German & Italian Car Specialists in Santa Clarita
Open Shop: We invite you to bring your car in anytime for a free safety inspection. When you do, you will see and feel for yourself the R2 difference in care, service, and expertise. We look forward to meeting you!
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Posted On: 09/19/2011 178 Views
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