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THE HUSH outreach
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Category: TV / Film
The Hush is an independently created film that blends genres - creating a unique atmosphere of film noir, mystery and the supernatural.

The story deals with a hitman's quest for redemption having to deal with his past, the ghosts of the people he has killed and a mysterious force that is playing with his fate. His only chance for salvation rests in the ghosts of a troubled young woman and a sadistic psychopath.

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Video Title: THE HUSH trailer
Freddy 'the Hush' Burnett is a hitman with his own code of justice. In one night, a simple job gets out of control as he takes an innocent life. Now he must face ghosts from his past and the rules he has followed all his life. His only chance for survival and redemption rests in the ghosts of a troubled young woman and a sadistic psychopath. Written and Directed by Vincent Cortez. Starring Zachary Gossett, Melody Gomez and Nick Frangione. © 2009/2010 Mitchell Street Pictures MitchellStreetPictures.com
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Posted On: 07/20/2011 37 Views
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