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View: The SuperNatural Green Diet, Living Food
The SuperNatural Green Diet, Living Food
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Category: How To
This eco friendly ebook offers you a lifestyle diet that balances and transforms from the inside out. Recipes are both living/raw food and properly combined cooked food dishes inspired by ayurvedic and living food wisdom.

This book also provides you with a 3 week cleanse guideline, and all the recipes you need to follow it.

Blythe has designed these recipes to be quick and easy, fitting vital colorful nutrition into our busy lifestyles.

The SuperNatural Green Diet also shows you how to decrease your kitchen garbage by 90%. By purchasing healthful food that does not come in packaging, and buying your staples like wild rice, quinoa, hemp seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, oats, raisins, cacao, dates, etc. in the bulk bins, using organic cotton reusable GrainSacs, you will dramatically lesson your plastic footprint.

Simple changes are fun, especially when they make you look and feel so good.
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Video Title: Make your own fresh almond milk, or hemp milk or sesame milk. Delicious and nutritious!
Learn to make nutrient dense, enzyme rich, dairy free "milks" It just takes 5 min.
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