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my name is Bob, and I have a gift I would like to share with you. The gift of music! Over the past few years, I have discovered that I have a unique ability to pass along knowledge, naturally catered to each individual, using each student's strengths and weaknesses moving forward as we grow. I work well with young students, adult students, and mentally or physically challenged students. We can learn from Books, videos, songs, or from playing together and showing you - Simon says style rhythm gaming. I can teach you to read drum or piano music if you desire, and can also teach you hand percussion.

As your teacher, I will help you to achieve your personal goals or those of your children, and at the level of intensity you desire. Fast or slow, we will have fun together! Fun Drums with a Fun Drummer, that's me!

Background: Bob Ramos, a recent graduate of the Mason Gross School of the Arts, has a Masters Degree in Music, with an emphasis in Ethnomusicology. His undergraduate studies included instruction in Jazz drums Keith Copeland and Ralph Peterson, Jr., and had ensemble with Kenny Barron. His interest in music began at an early age, his parents exposing him to all types of music, including Latin, jazz, big band and rock. He has been playing drum set and percussion professionally for over twenty years, with a discography of over 15 recordings.

Previously, Bob has performed in and managed the Rutgers Salsa Band. The group traveled to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to perform and study, and helped bring diversity to the Rutgers Music Department and positive outreach to the greater New Brunswick area. He has also appeared on Telemundo and Univision with various Latin Rock bands.

His main interests are World, folkloric, and popular music, centered in the realm of Hispanic Caribbean culture, research of which was ultimately used in his dissertation topic, Cuba's "The Day of the Kings" street procession.
Currently, he performs with two different Latin/Jazz bands in New York City and a Brazilian Bosa/jazz group in New Jersey. Bob has worked with classic rock, jam band, experimental, Funk, Latin and Jazz fusion bands in the past. He is overjoyed to teach group or individual lessons,teaching drum set,percussion and beginner piano.

Currently, he has drum and piano students in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. He teaches in commercial music studios, in both public and private schools, to groups or individuals, as well as privately. His students are of all ages and economic backgrounds, and he has had great success with mentally and physically challenged students.
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Video Title: Gregory School 1
Gregory School 1
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