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Be A Giiver
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Category: Non-Profit
You’re not a volunteer. You’re a “Giiver.” Spirited, inspired; you’re an explorer in search of the cause that makes you want to leap into action. It’s why you’ve landed at Giive, the one-stop resource for making a measurable difference in the lives of the underserved.

This is where Giivers gather, make schedules with friends, post updates and show off those big hearts. There are others like you, you know, with freakish powers capable of changing the world one community at a time. There are others like you, attractive inside and out, spotting injustice and pulverizing it. This is the place to post those unique talents and unleash them alongside your friends. There’s a greater good we Giivers can reach together. Greatness loves company.
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Posted On: 10/13/2014 18 Views
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