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Category: Non-Profit 501(c)3 number: 46-4736311
GiveBack US strives to inform individuals, organizations and businesses about non-profits that exist within their own communities. In times of a crisis there are always charities which get national or even global exposure. At those times people feel compelled to reach for their wallets or to volunteer for something that is making headlines. Many donors are not aware of how these charities best utilize their funds. More specifically, many are uninformed about the share of funds raised by the charities that actually reach the intended cause and how the remaining funds are used to offset administrative expenses (thereby having no impact to the intended cause).
GiveBack US’s purpose is to recognize those non-profits within the community that either commit a minimum of 70% of the raised funds directly to the cause, are less than 2 years old, and are actively seeking volunteer work for their cause. GiveBack US introduces its audience to those qualified local charities that otherwise may go unnoticed, thereby inspiring our followers to “giveback” with monetary donations and/or volunteer time through its online social and volunteer calendars.
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