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View: WDE GUI - Functional Demo & Training
WDE GUI - Functional Demo & Training
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Category: Business Solutions
The 4:1 Input Voltage 75 Watt Single WDE DC/DC Isolated converter provides a precisely regulated dc output using DIGITAL POWER management programming & datalogging via industry Standard PMBus.

This video shows GUI use for the WDE which has:

- Configurable input under and over voltage protection
- Configurable current-limit inception and shut-down delay
- Logging of historical fault events in non-volatile memory
- Precision (+/-0.2%) output voltage accuracy and trim
- Configurable output overvoltage protection
- Monitoring of Vin, Vout, Iin and temperature
- Digital dynamic adjustment of Vout
- Digital warning thresholds for faults, to avert shutdown
- Disable of fault logging if desired
Posted By: Calex View: Calex's channel  
Video Title: WDE GUI - Powerful fuctionality with ease of programming!
This GUI with the product offers:
- 'Black Box' digital fault datalogging
- Digitally Configurable voltage, current & over-temperature
- Digitally configurable fault response
- Real-time performance data via PMBus serial interface
- High power density!
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Posted On: 06/13/2012 365 Views
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