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View: NoHo20 Presents: Critic's Dilemma
NoHo20 Presents: Critic's Dilemma
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Category: TV / Film
"Critic's Dilemma" is a documentary film being produced by NoHo20 Productions that tells the story of how a small magazine provoked a creative community. It is the story of NoHo Magazine and the beginning of the NoHo Arts District in North Hollywood, California. It is about a community that harbored the unlikely vision of someday being comparable to the NoHos of New York and London. It is about a publisher who was uniquely unqualified to shepherd and champion a creative community that barely recognized itself. It is about how a person and a community discovered themselves and did not always like what they found, but nonetheless found something closer to the truth. 
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Video Title: NoHo20 Present's: Critic's Dilemma
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Posted On: 04/11/2012 21 Views
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