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Category: TV / Film
Watch the behind-the-scenes teaser for SWITCHBOARD above, then click BUY in the upper left corner to purchase a download of the entire film! Use PayPal or a credit card, download link will be emailed to the address you provide.

SUMMARY: Sometimes you've gotta lose it to find it again...Barry Summers, a disheveled and disconnected middle-aged man, frantically searching the trash cans of a downtown L.A. park day after day, is drawn out of his world of perpetual lost and not-found by a group of magical street people who help him find what he is truly missing.

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Posted By: Ambika View: Ambika's channel  
Video Title: SWITCHBOARD Behind-The-Scenes Teaser
A behind-the-scenes sneak peak at the making-of Switchboard! Full-length film can be purchased - just click "BUY" above.
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Posted On: 03/30/2012 82 Views
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