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Cool Random Stuff's Channel !
Cool Random Stuff's Channel
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7 Reams of Printer/Copy Paper $20.00 Seven reams of printer/copy paper at a great discount. General Retail
7 Reams of ...

0 Ratings
HP Office Jet T45 -- Print, Scan, Fax, Copy $25.00 This HP Office Jet T45 is an all-in-one Printer, Scanner, Fax machine, & Copier... It comes with ... General Retail
HP Office ...

0 Ratings
IKEA 3-Picture Frame $7.00 This IKEA 3-Picture Frame measures at 19.75"x9". General Retail
IKEA ...

0 Ratings
Langston Hughes Framed Picture $7.00 Legendary American poet, novelist, and playwright Langston Hughes is pictured here in a 1960s New York. The ... Art / Crafts
Langston ...

7 Ratings
Funky Boxers -- Framed Print $10.00 This is a great framed print of two boxers. Very funky style. Measures 34"x24". Art / Crafts
Funky Boxers ...

0 Ratings
Learn to Speak Brazilian Portuguese $10.00 From the "Teach Yourself" brand, 'Brazilian Portuguese' starts with the basic but moves at an energic pace to ... General Retail
Learn to ...

0 Ratings
Michigan Football -- Collectors Edition $10.00 GO BLUE! This collector's edition football is a great gift for your favorite Michigan Fan. It ... General Retail
Michigan ...

1 Ratings
Minton's Place Jazz Photo, Framed -- 6 $7.00 This framed photo of Minton's Place, "The Birthplace of Bop", is a print from 1948. It measures ... Art / Crafts
Minton's ...

1 Ratings
Queen Mother Commemorative Stamps - 90th Birthday $4.00 1990 Queen Mothers 90th Birthday Presentation Pack. Superb condition! Art / Crafts
Queen Mother ...

4 Ratings
PowerRamp Mite -- Programmable Video Game Controllers $10.00 The PowerRamp MITE gives you killer game pad power for your PC. With a total of 16 programmable ... General Retail
PowerRamp ...

6 Ratings
Ceramic Shot Glass Set -- Cabo Themed $10.00 This ceramic set is great for the laid-back connoisseur of tequilas. It features two shot glasses, a ... General Retail
Ceramic Shot ...

0 Ratings
Cable Modem -- Motorla Surfboard $25.00 Surf at high speeds with this Motorla brand cable modem. I've never opened the box, so it ... General Retail
Cable Modem ...

6 Ratings
Ferociously Adorable Mini-Tiger $5.00 This Ferociously Adorable Mini-Tiger is a super soft stuffed animal that emits a jungle-worthy "roar" when squeezed. ... General Retail
Ferociously ...

0 Ratings
Epson Stylus C80 Ink Cartridges -- Full Set $15.00 This full set of Epson Ink Cartridges are for the Epson Stylus C80 machines. The set features ... General Retail
Epson Stylus ...

0 Ratings
Luchador Mask - Mil Mascaras $15.00 This is an authentic, hand-crafted Luchador mask from Mexico. This particular mask is of "Mil Mascaras". ... Art / Crafts
Luchador ...

7 Ratings
BlackJack & Poker Table Top $30.00 This is a used black jack & poker table top that is in great condition. It measures ... General Retail
BlackJack & ...

0 Ratings
RevGear Boxing/MMA Focus Mitts $15.00 This pair of Revgear brand Pro Focus Pads are used, but in great condition (like-new). Normally, they ... General Retail
RevGear ...

0 Ratings
Ric Flair Autographed Picture $10.00 This is an autographed photo of Ric Flair. The 8.5x11 glossy pic is of Flair dressed as ... Art / Crafts
Autographed ...

4 Ratings
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