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Support_ALS_Research_JD's Channel !
Support ALS Research
Yup, another Ice Bucket Challenge, but this time with a challenge of my own - to match funds received, up to the first $500 dollars donated to me through the Jamabi Player. All of it donated before or after the limit goes to ALSA.org for research purposes, of course, but I can only match so much.

Why the Jamabi Player? One, it means I can know how much you gave, so I can match it. Two, I helped develop it to help support donation-base videos and I want to see how well it works. So please give, and please re-post this video where you can. And send your feedback to info@jamabi.com. Thanks!
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James' ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Non Tax-Deductible Cause I've done my ice bucket challenge and here's yours: I'm collecting donations for ALS research. Whatever you send ... Non-Profit
My ALS Ice ...

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