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CALEX - Your Power Solution Provider www.calex.com
Calex Mfg. Co., Inc. is a privately held company with corporate headquarters located in Concord California, 25 miles east of San Francisco. Calex employs approximately 100 people.

Calex was founded as a partnership in 1962 with the mission of developing instrumentation and power conversion products and providing world class service and quality. The company incorporated in 1963.

Products, Markets, and Applications
Calex is a middle level "high tech" company. Calex manufactures roughly 40,000 products each month consuming approximately 1,000,000 components. Calex has over 1000 different standard and custom catalog products.

DC/DC Converters
These printed circuit board mounted products are used in telecommunications, medical instruments, military and industrial control systems. Input voltages range from 3VDC to 300VDC. Output voltages range from 0.75VDC to 180VDC. Isolated and non-isolated products are available in both surface mount and through hole configurations. Calex also offers DIN Rail mount converters for process control applications. Calex offers both standard and custom solutions.

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) power solutions for military and aerospace applications. The CBAM™ offering includes filtering, hold-up, power quality and load sharing modules. All modules are compatible with Calex DC/DC converter products.

Power Supplies
Encapsulated printed circuit board mounted AC to DC power supplies with power levels from 1.5 watts to 10 watts. These are low noise linear designs and are typically used in analytical instruments, medical instruments, industrial scales and weighing systems.

Voltage Multipliers
Custom encapsulated high voltage multipliers for a variety of applications including X-Ray systems and mass spectrometers. Output voltages run as high as 15kVDC with inputs up to 5kVAC peak to peak. The multipliers provide DC output power up to 25 watts. Additional power and/or voltage requirements will be reviewed by the Calex custom engineering team.

Signal Conditioners/Instrumentation Modules
Instrumentation amplifiers and other instrumentation modules for conditioning low level DC signals with special focus on strain gage signal conditioning. Calex also manufactures a variety of analog I/O modules for Micro PLCs. Input options include TC, RTD, Strain gage, 0-10V and 4-20 mA.

Manufacturing Operations
Calex has manufacturing operations located in two plants totaling approximately 40,000 square feet. One plant is located in Concord, California and is used to introduce new products and support low volume/high mix production.
The other plant located in Tijuana, Mexico is dedicated to high volume products. Both plants utilize the same production equipment and all products can be built at either facility.

8 - SMT Work Centers
3 - Solder Paste Screen Systems
3 - Reflow Ovens
4 - Wave Solder Systems
8 - Burn In Racks
8 - Automatic Test Systems

Both plants are connected with a single ERP system integrated through a Wide Area Network (WAN) to optimize inventory and reduce lead-times. Calex supports it's customers with minimized lead-times and flexible delivery schedules to support Just in Time (JIT) planning and inventory control.

Quality Assurance
Calex is ISO 9001:2008 registered and fully complies with the quality and reliability requirements of manufacturing companies throughout the world. Our 5 Year product warranty is supported by our Quality Assurance operations and through the design efforts of experienced circuit designers. Our quality audits support our continuous improvement commitment to our customers.
All products are 100% tested on automatic test equipment and handled in a static safe environment. PPM performance data is available upon request and validates Calex's position as a top quality supplier.
The European Commission has proposed the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) Directive, restricting certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products sold in Europe after July 1, 2006. Calex products are available as RoHS Compliant.

Calex serves the high-end, quality oriented, COTS market. Our product and service reputation is excellent.
Calex customers include many industry leaders such as Kodak, IBM, Rockwell, Hewlett Packard, Chevron, Unisys, E.I. Dupont, 3M, United Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Ford Motor, AT&T, Brookhaven National Labs, Gleason Works, Otis Elevator, Chrysler, Hughes, Lawrence Livermore Lab, Schlumberger, Abbott Labs, General Electric, General Motors, Texas Instruments, Michelin Tire, Siemens, and hundreds of other active users.
Calex has been exporting products since 1968. Our products are currently being shipped to the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Korea, Israel, Japan, and Taiwan.

You are invited to visit our facilities for a personal tour any time you are in the area. Please do not hesitate to call us!
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