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BIg Air Studios
Big Air Studios is the first motion picture marketing and distribution company to combine top technology experts with experienced and successful motion picture executives to create the motion picture studio of tomorrow. The Company will acquire 8 to 12 commercial motion pictures a year for distribution and will take maximum advantage of the revolutionary advances in technology impacting the motion picture industry and the billions of dollars in incremental revenues these changes generate.

The consumption of motion pictures by audiences of all ages is undergoing ground-breaking change. Digital retailers like Apple iTunes, Microsoft XBox Netflix and Film Fresh are rapidly expanding and many new digital retailers are entering the market to compete. At the same time, digital delivery devices such as smartphones, tablets and internet-connected televisions are allowing consumers worldwide to access movies from a host of new digital retailers at a time of their choosing and on a screen of their choice by means of rental, sale or subscription based services.

Big Air is focused on providing the highest quality films to consumers via all known and emerging forms of distribution, truly enabling consumers to pick the retailer, business model and screen that best suits their media lifestyle.
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The Forger - Register to Win - Demo Starring Josh Hutcherson as Joshua Mason and Hayden Panettiere as Amber Lauren, The Forger is a story about ... TV / Film
The Forger

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