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Amit Apel Designs
As a fifth-generation gifted exterior and interior designer, Amit Apel arrived on the sunny shores of Southern California in 1999 after having been raised in Africa, Israel and throughout Europe. Upon his arrival, Mr. Apel purchased a modest Honda Magnum motorcycle to travel across the USA for three months. After his adventurous, cross-country tour and with little means, he opened a humble, 100 sq. ft. art studio within a locksmith shop on the beaches of Malibu, California and instantly became a local, buzz-worthy artist. Mr. Apel’s acrylic and oil paintings that were showcased in this very small shop quickly catapulted into high demand by local, celebrity clients who still treasure his paintings and collect his growing body of art design works ranging from paintings, sculptures, jewelry, apparel and home and outdoor décor and furnishings.

With his savvy entrepreneurial determination inspired by his passionate drive to design and produce as a way of life, Mr. Apel founded Amit Apel Design Inc.® in 2002. This boutique, custom design firm now based in Woodland Hills, California has a well-established, stellar reputation that has been built over the years on a vast array of award-winning commercial and residential and interior designs that now span across Europe, Asia, South America as well as across the USA.

Amit Apel Design Inc.® currently offers residential and interior design and planning services in both the commercial and residential markets and is committed to partnering with its clients to create vibrant, livable communities with uniqueness and creativity as the common thread. Mr. Apel is recognized for his unsurpassed design vision and acumen, particularly in community design, mixed use, urban infill and restaurant planning and residential design. He embraces working cooperatively with stringent city board building codes and overcoming their inherent challenges while maintaining an uncompromised integrity and a dedicated focus on community and residential custom design. As many who have had the privilege of collaborating with Mr. Apel on conceptual, comprehensive design projects already know, his instinctive, unconventional thinking and trail blazing actions always lead his team of highly talented design professionals to refine the art of living in all his realized works.

In November 2008, Mr. Apel seized the opportunity to revamp his Woodland Hills design firm into a spacious, two-story structure where he could exhibit his inner passions by making his product design works open for viewing and retailed to the general public. In December 2010, Amit Apel Design Inc.® proudly launched its new division Apel Designworks™ to begin the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of Mr. Apel’s already flourishing and ever-expanding range of unique décor and gift products – “Products designed to refine the art of living and the art of giving.”
Product PictureProduct Name Price Product Description Category Associated Media Media Rating Views
Shelbee -- Candle $10.00 - Art / Crafts

0 Ratings
Saba $65.00 DUMDUM Saba is the sweet old man that shows his love with flowers every day! DUMDUM Saba is ... Art / Crafts

0 Ratings
Romeo -- Decorative Sculpture $65.00 DUMDUM Romeo is making you his Juliet. He displays his love by running to you for your love. ... Art / Crafts

0 Ratings
Messenger -- Decorative Sculpture $65.00 DUMDUM Messenger with carry your heart-felt message for you from the edge and back. He offers one hand for ... Art / Crafts

0 Ratings
Loretta $24.00 Amit the Family™ Loretta is a handcrafted metal sculpture that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. ... Art / Crafts

0 Ratings
Genesis HangingOut -- Scent Diffuser $44.00 Gadi SeriesTM GENESIS HANGINGOUT is a beautifully handcrafted aromatherapy diffuser and candle. The unique oil candle ... Art / Crafts
Genesis ...

0 Ratings
Dum Dum Server -- Food/Drink Server $33.00 DumDum Server is a handcrafted, multi-purpose metal sculpture that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Art / Crafts
DumDum ...

0 Ratings
Candle Sphere Set $40.00 The Candle Sphere set of 4 can be used with a variety of our other products, such as ... Art / Crafts
Candle ...

0 Ratings
Marley -- Drink Server $35.00 C-NSM001. Naturally Stoned™ Marley is a patented, innovative piece of decorative drinkware.When the stone base is refrigerated ... Art / Crafts

0 Ratings
Gadi Spirit $78.00 Gadi Series™ Spirit-18" H - is a well-designed metal wine waiter that is suitable for indoor and outdoor ... Art / Crafts
Gadi Spirit

0 Ratings
Marley on the rocks -- Drink Server $110.00 Artistic drink server sculpture to set you and your loved ones in a romantic mood. Amit will also ... General Retail
Marley On ...

0 Ratings
Genesis -- Scent Diffuser $55.00 Scent diffuser and oil candle all in one...Sculpture available in silver and rustic metail. Candle Spheres available in ... General Retail

0 Ratings
Atlas --- Scent Diffuser $55.00 Scent diffuser and oil candle in an artistic setting. Use it to impress your friends. General Retail

0 Ratings
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