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ARDENofEDEN's Channel !

Welcome to ARDENofEDEN's Channel !

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The Light (Om Namah Shivaya) $0.99 "The Light (Om Namah Shivaya)" was inspired by Pete Collins, the brother of Mary Arden Collins, when he ... Music
The Light ...

1 Ratings
Free $0.99 "Free" is all about being an independent spirit. This pop/rock song, written by Mary Arden Collins & Mark ... Music

1 Ratings
Mississippi $0.99 "Mississippi" featuring the sultry vocals of Mary Arden Collins and the characteristic slide guitar playing of Grammy winning ... Music
Mississippi ...

0 Ratings
Someday $0.99 "Someday", written by Mary Arden Collins, is a hopeful song amidst surrounding chaos. It's haunting melody is a ... Music

0 Ratings
One More Day $0.99 "One More Day" has been featured on Paul Rieser's film, "The Thing About My Folks" and the TV ... Music
One More Day

0 Ratings
Magic Child $0.99 "Magic Child", written by Mary Arden Collins, is about being true to who you are. Music
Magic Child

1 Ratings
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