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Clutter Market - Get This Stuff Out Of My House
I've got too much stuff. It's not junk, but it it's a lot of stuff I am not using. Good books I read once, good books I will never read. Autographed books. Toys I thought were cool or picked off some swag pile at Comic-Con. Comic books from great to terrible. Posters, too.

All of that stuff needs to go to a better home for me to get my office back.

I'm selling it one item at a time, but I'd consider an offer of $1500 for all of it at once.

Product PictureProduct Name Price Product Description Category Associated Media Media Rating Views
Three Suns - Blue Horizon $0.50 The Three Suns breeze their way through the classic Beyond the Blue Horizon. Your grandparents and your music ... Music
The Three ...

0 Ratings
Enormous Laptop Bag $50.00 It's a huge bag that carries two laptops. It can zip apart into two bags if you want. ... General Retail
Superbig ...

0 Ratings
Hercules vs. The Moon Men $0.10 Hercules battles the Moon Men in this 90 minute camp classic that was ripped to shreds on Mystery ... TV / Film
Hercules ...

0 Ratings
The Eye Creatures $0.10 Flying saucers and teenagers. TV / Film
The Eye ...

0 Ratings
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