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Why Jamabi
Why Should You Try Jamabi?
Whether you spend your days creating, selling, helping or just fooling around, Jamabi can help you reach a wider audience online and get more out of every contact.
  • Independent musicians can build their fan base and sell their music online without paying huge fees
  • Non-profit organizations can fundraise or create mailing lists with compelling videos about their cause
  • Filmmakers can turn viewers into buyers through trailers that sell downloads
  • Businesses can create commercials that close sales
  • Politicians can connect with their supporters and raise funds at the same time
  • Advertisers can see the real reach and power of their work
  • Power sellers can add to their revenue stream by selling through the Jamabi Player and Marketplace
  • Viral video creators can set up tip jars and store fronts in their movies
  • The list goes on, and on…
You're the (online) social type
Facebook, email, and blogs – one way or another, everyone is part of the social web.  Jamabi allows you to monetize the power of the social web because anywhere the Jamabi Player is shared or embedded, it can turn a transaction, sending payments and contacts directly to you. Through Jamabi, your fans help you build your business with every file they share and every link they forward.
It's easy on Your customers
Jamabi makes completing a purchase, donating to a charity or signing up for a mailing list an easier and more engaging process. Click the links below to learn more about:
  • Buying through Jamabi
  • Donating through Jamabi
  • Joining lists through Jamabi
  • Selling through Jamabi
  • Fundraising through Jamabi
  • Registering fans through Jamabi
Getting started is easy and free
You can be up and running on Jamabi in minutes, at no cost.
Once you become a member, creating your first product, cause or campaign is simple. If you’ve ever uploaded anything online, you already know how to use Jamabi. Never uploaded anything? No problem. The process is broken down in to clear and specific steps, and help is always just a click away.
No commissions through June 30, 2010
What could be better than no cost to join?  How about no cost to sell or raise funds?  Jamabi does not charge listing fees.  And from now through June 30, 2010, there are absolutely no commission fees on revenue you receive through Jamabi.
When commissions do begin in December 2010, you’ll find them to be lower than other tools you might be using to sell or fundraise online. For now, however, you have commission-free selling to enjoy!
Now’s the time
The sooner you get started, the faster you’ll be selling, fundraising and registering fans with the Jamabi Player.

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