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Get Started
What you need:
Steps to Follow:
  1. Check that your email address on Jamabi account is associated with a Paypal account. This will ensure that all monetary transactions come successfully and directly to you. You can always edit the email address on Jamabi account by clicking My Jamabi and then clicking My Account.
  2. Decide the transaction you want to have:
  3. Provide a few details of your transaction like name, description, picture etc.
  4. Add the media (video, audio or image) file that you want to link with the transaction. This media file will act as an advertisement or promotional material to enhance the success of your sale, cause and fan registration.
  5. Once the media file is uploaded, it is posted to the Jamabi marketplace and is ready to be shared and viewed and be transacted on.
As you can see, in a few short steps you can sell, fund raise and connect with fans. Click on the Start Selling, Collecting Donations or Registering Fans to get started.

If you need more help or ideas, please click on How To / FAQs and Learn More tab on top.

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