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User Channel Page
Making the Most of a Blank Canvas
Beyond your media files and your descriptions of products, causes and campaigns, Jamabi offers you a place to communicate even more about yourself, your company/band/pet goldfish: your Jamabi Channel page.
When you sign up as a Jamabi user, we create a channel page for you, using your username. Whenever a viewer sees your username, for example, next to the words “Posted by,” clicking on it takes them to your channel page.
The header to your channel page is highly customizable through the Edit Channel page, letting you display images and text in a variety of fonts, colors and templates.
The header content of your channel will also be displayed in the My Channel tab of any Jamabi Player when you create or share your products, causes and campaigns. The My Channel tab in the Jamabi Player will include a link back to your Jamabi Channel page.
Take some time to polish up your channel by selecting Edit Channel under the My Jamabi entry on the menu bar.
Sample Jamabi Channel Page
Editing a Channel Page

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