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Making a Better Jamabi Video
How to Make a Better Jamabi Video
It doesn’t matter whether you’ve shooting with an Imax camera or a cell phone – video is the most immediate and compelling media format. But for a video to help you connect to your viewers and drive a transaction, keep the following in mind:
  • Tell viewers what you want them to do
    They may not know. Use a caption, a text overlay or just say it to the camera. Something like: “Click the Buy button to get this skateboard,” works just fine.
  • Set a realistic price
    Nobody will pay $10 to see what happened when you set up a trampoline at a cactus farm, but 100 people might pay $0.50, especially if you make it a plea for your tweezers fund.
  • Tell donors how they’re helping
    If you are asking for donations, tell viewers where their money will go. “I run an animal shelter, please help” doesn’t go as far as “Your two dollars will help build a kennel for Fluffy, Beadle and Spot.”
  • Include taxes and shipping
    If you have a merchant account with PayPal, use that, and tell viewers (in the Description field of the Buy tab) that shipping and taxes will be added in there. If not, remember that you’ll have to pay for them yourself, and include them in your price.
  • Balance your requests for data
    Registering fans offers you the chance to ask your fans for a lot of data, but remember that asking for too much will turn off a lot of viewers. Figure out what you need most, and ask for that.
  • Don’t use other people’s media
    Unless you’re positive it’s public domain, if you didn’t make it, don’t use it. It’s that simple. Look up public domain and fair use law, and, if necessary, ask a lawyer. If you do use someone else’s material, we will help them find you.
  • Don’t be a scam artist
    If you are scamming our users, we will help them find you.

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