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Using Jamabi to Support Your Project
Suggested Uses for Jamabi
You can use Jamabi as everything from a broadcast network to a classifieds ad listing, but start with a goal in mind, such as sell products, raise funds or build a fan list. Some ideas follow:
  • Use a video or a song to sell MP3s, ringtones and merchandise
  • Register fans for your mailing list (If you get request their zip codes, it can help you plan your tour)
  • Show your fans who you are and what’s on your mind, with more than 140 characters
Video Producers and Film Makers
  • Use a trailer to sell a DVD or download of your movie. Sell merchandise
  • Ask for help finishing your project (but do offer them something in return).
  • Sign up volunteers for your next crowd scene.
  • Offer your sponsors powerful ads that close sales
  • Got a cooking or home renovation show? Sell the tools through your video.
Visual Artists
  • Show your work from different angles and in different lights.
  • Talk it up – people buy the ideas and the artist as much as the art.
  • For comics and other sequential art, show a key panel or pan slowly over the page.
  • Show viewers directly where their money can help and where you need volunteers
  • Encourage participants in walkathons and other fundraising events to use Jamabi to highlight their efforts. Providing your fundraisers with footage about your cause will help.
Viral and Random
  • If you’re filming a stunt (and we encourage you to be safe) consider posting a trailer for your video and charging users to see the ending.
  • If your video goes big, you can sell merchandise other downloads directly through the video.
College Students and Small Business
  • Posting your Jamabi files through your social network will help promote your business.
  • Encouraging your network and your fans to share your media files will help expand your market
Politicians and Activists
  • Register volunteers, ask for donations and ask your supporters to share your video. Just be sure to keep donations within amount permitted by law and let everyone know you approve this message.

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