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Media File Types Supported
What You Can Play on Jamabi
Jamabi currently supports most commonly-used media file types, including:
Video     Audio     Image    

3GP (cell) M4V   WAV MP3   JPG/JPEG    
AVI WMV   AIFF (Mac)     PNG    
MPEG-1 MP4   RA(Real Audio)     GIF    
MPEG-2 FLV   AU (Sun, Unix)     TIF/TIFF    
MOV (QuickTime)     WMA (Windows Media)          

If your file type is not listed, try it anyway – it might work. If you would like us to support a specific file type, email us at suggestions@jamabi.com.

The maximum size for media files is 100 MB. The maximum size for downloadable files is 500 MB.

A quick internet search will turn up a variety of free and low-cost software to help you reduce the size of your files by reformatting or editing them. Examples (which Jamabi does not endorse or guarantee) include:

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