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Selling through Jamabi
Selling through Jamabi
The cool commercial, the viral video, the trailer and the download – now they can make money
It’s time for show and sell. Real transactions through your media player
Nothing gets noticed like video and now whatever gets noticed can make money. Your media plus the Buy button in the Jamabi Player turns eyeballs to dollar signs.

The Buy button captures consumers at the peak of their interest. Instead of relying on a viewer to remember your product, find your web site and follow-though with a purchase, the Jamabi Player closes the sale now, not later.
Wherever it goes, there it is. Transact throughout the social web
The Jamabi Player is designed to be shared. Embed it outside your website and your marketplace grows, because wherever a Jamabi Player is posted, emailed or shared, it can complete a sale. If your video goes viral, getting noticed means getting sales.

Post your Jamabi files to your Facebook page and your bookmarking pages, email them to your fans, add them to you blogs or post them in forums. From there, your media can be shared with new fans and potential customers you might never reach otherwise.
There’s no place like home away from home - your Jamabi Channel and the Jamabi Marketplace
Showcase your brand, your band, your studio, or your store. Your Jamabi Channel is an easy-to-customize page for hosting your videos and making a statement.

The Jamabi Marketplace puts you in the center of a crowd that’s looking to buy. Our analytic functions (coming soon) will tell you not just how many views you get, but for how long, when they quit, when they bought and where in the world they are.
Safe and secure to buy and sell
Selling with Jamabi is safe and secure. Buyers transact directly with you via PayPal and at no point does your financial information or theirs reside on our servers.

You fulfill the order in your way – via digital download or shipped to their door.
Find out who’s on your side with fan registration
If you’re not the online selling kind, use our fan registration tools to find out who’s interested. That cool ad you made, it doesn’t just get passed around – now viewers can sign up to learn more about your next sale, release date or sponsored event. Whether you want to collect viewer info, build your mailing list or gather volunteers to your event, learn more about fan registration on Jamabi here.
Free to get started and no commissions through June 30, 2011
Jamabi’s basic membership is always free.  For those looking for more analytics, more bandwidth, and other features, we’ll soon be announcing premium membership plans, all with a free 30-day trial.  Whatever you have to sell, there is no cost to join Jamabi

Once your account is up, enjoy commission-free selling from now through June 30, 2011. With no insertion charges or nickle-and-dime fees, you keep what you sell. To learn more about Jamabi’s forthcoming commission structure, click here.
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