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Fan Registration through Jamabi
Fan Registration through Jamabi
The Future is in Your Fans (and Volunteers and Sales Leads)
Get leads directly from your media player
Nothing connects or compels like video, and now you can leverage that power to rapidly build low-cost lists and generate leads from volunteers, potential customers and your biggest fans. Starting now, your video doesn’t just go out to the world - now it goes out to bring viewers back to you.

Capturing them at the peak of their interest, the Sign Up button gives viewers the opportunity to learn more about your product, your service, your band, your project or your cause. Instead of hoping viewers remember to go back to your site or call your toll-free number, you can get them now, through the Jamabi Player. You choose the sign-up process and how quick or detailed you want it to be.

Use Jamabi to:
  • Build your mailing list
  • Gather signatures for a petition
  • Enable pre-sales orders
  • Find people interested in your service
  • Gather volunteers for your cause or event
  • and much, much more!
Collect leads throughout the social web
The Jamabi Player is designed for a world where sharing on social networks is as common as email. Wherever a Jamabi Player is located, it can generate leads. Your viral video, that great ad that's too much for TV, your new single, all of them are now active tools for signing up viewers.

Post Jamabi Players to your Facebook page and bookmarking sites, email them to your friends, post them in forums, and add them to blogs. Then let Jamabi stuff your inbox with targeted leads from viewers who want to know more.
Your 24x7 salesperson – your Jamabi Channel and the Jamabi Marketplace
Adding your media to the Jamabi marketplace is like having a sales person working around-the-clock to showcase your work.  Once uploaded, your content will always be available in the Jamabi Marketplace and on your own easy-to-customize Jamabi Channel.

The Jamabi Marketplace puts you at the center of a crowd that's ready to engage. Our analytic functions (coming soon) will tell you not just how many views you get, but for how long, when they quit, when they signed up and where they are.
Safe and secure to sign up and share
Your leads are safe with Jamabi.  Regardless of what information you're collecting, it will only go where it should—to you.

While Jamabi does gather information about overall site activity, we won't share identifying details about you, your organization or your customers.  
Free to get started and no lead fees through June 30, 2011
Jamabi’s basic membership is always free.  If you're looking for more analytics, more bandwidth and other features, we’ll soon be announcing premium memberships, all with a free 30-day trial. 

Once you are set up, enjoy fee-free lead generation and commission-free selling from now through June 30, 2011. Click here to learn more about Jamabi’s forthcoming lead generation pricing structure.  
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