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Fundraising through Jamabi
Fundraising through Jamabi
Ask a Lot, In a Lot of Places
A powerful pitch becomes a donation engine
The Jamabi Player combines your compelling message with a Donate button that allows viewers to contribute instantly through the player.

Instead of hoping viewers remember your television commercial, remember to find your web site and navigate your fundraising structure, the Donate button is right there when your viewers are moved and ready to give.
Reach out to the whole wide world on the World Wide Web
The Jamabi Player can collect funds wherever your video is posted, shared or embedded, because the donation mechanism is built-in

As more people see and share your campaign on email, social networks, bookmarking sites and blogs, your message will find new audiences around the globe.

With our fan registration functions, you can use the Jamabi Player to gather volunteers and develop mailing lists.
Safe and secure to give and receive
Transactions on Jamabi are safe and secure.
Funds are transferred directly via PayPal, and at no point does any of your financial information reside on our servers.
Free to get started and no commissions through June 30, 2011
Jamabi’s basic membership is always free.  For those looking for more analytics, more bandwidth, and other features, we’ll soon be announcing premium memberships, all with a free 30-day trial.  So, whether you have one cause to support or one thousand, there is no cost to join Jamabi. 

Once your account is set up, enjoy no commission-free fundraising from now until June 30, 2011.  With no commission fees, no insertion fees, and no nickel-and-dime fees; whatever you raise, you keep.  To learn more about Jamabi’s forthcoming commission structure, click here.
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