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Donating through Jamabi
Donating through Jamabi
Give a Helping Hand with a Single Click
See where it’s going
The Jamabi Player lets you see a non-profit in action, and helps you better understand their needs.

Jamabi will showcase a broad variety of non-profits, including political, charitable and educational organizations, within the limits of our Terms of Use and Community Conduct policies. We also support tip jars for artists, filmmakers and the like. All tax-deductible non-profits are required to provide a 501(c) 3 number. All non-tax-deductible organizations are labeled as such, as are all tip jars.
Pay now, save later
Click the Donate button to make a contribution to a cause you support. The Jamabi Player will display more information about the issue as well as suggested donation levels.

Completing your donation through the player ensures you don’t forget to contribute. If the organization is tax exempt, giving now locks in your tax benefits.
Give to others, starting with your friends
It’s easy to share the Jamabi Player across the web, through emails, on blogs and via social bookmarking pages. If it matters to you, tell your friends first and then the world.

With your help, a cause can go viral and get the support it might never have found otherwise.
Giving Safely and Securely
Donating on Jamabi is easy and secure. We use PayPal to make donations simple and top-rated secure sockets layer providers to make donations safe. At no point will your credit card or PayPal information reside on our servers.

Jamabi requires every organization that claims to be tax-deductible to provide a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). We cannot validate each EIN automatically; however, we will work with you, and legal authorities, to ban fakers quickly and prosecute when possible.
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