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2010 07 08: Designing is Like Writing

Roger Bacon (and what isn't better with bacon?) once said that "reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man." I've been to enough conferences to know that they often maketh a sleepy man, but the writing part is spot on. You can doodle an idea in your head, but actually typing the words out forces the issue. The act of writing an idea down forces you to explain yourself and provide details. Then the questions begin.  Is that what you meant? Is that how you meant to say it? Does anyone else get it? Designing is the same way. You have to make descisions, on shapes, colors, fonts, etc., and when you make the wrong ones, they stick out and they're your fault. I don't claim to be good at either, but I like trying.


2010 07 05: Coming Real Soon!

Jamabi is getting closer to our limited beta launch, ironing out remaining functional issues. Nothing beats testing, testing and more testing, hammering on the site until it rings like a bell.

2010 06 25: Coming Soon!

We will try to keep this up to date with our own thrilling stories of life inside America’s Nth hottest Internet startup. Really.

Actually, we will be updating this blog with specific tips, news, and information to help our users get the most out of the Jamabi Marketplace and the Jamabi Media Player.

Stay tuned...

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